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Enrico Pucci is BLACK

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pegusus123456 posted...
I only started watching Game Grumps around the time their Paper Mario playthrough was wrapping up. That was long past their golden age and they've degraded even farther since then. I just don't understand their aversion to things like twitch or Patreon. Every single garbage decision they make - the crappy thumbnails, the change to one-offs instead of long series, the 10-15 minute long videos - are all explained with the same excuse: tHe AlGoRiThM! They try so hard to chase Youtube's money when everyone else has accepted that it's just garbage.

It's also just kinda clear that they're not super interested in doing it anymore and are doing it solely for the money.

its because Arin makes shit decisions

I feel like Ratatouille when I'm whipping that cheddar

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