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Thinking about going back to college. Thoughts?

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So, I was considering a few things, but here is what I came up with.

I have 2 degrees. A BA and a BS. Both from about 15 years ago now.

Some schools won't accept these as prior degrees or as satisfying prerequisites.

The ideal programs I was looking at are...

1. Computer Science Masters
2. Information Technology Masters
3. ABSN Nursing

Now here is the catch. My degrees are in unrelated fields. I also would need fully online classes with lenient structure.

This makes almost everything ruled out as far as I can tell.

I looked at SNHU. They would let me do the Masters IT program, but they are generally not considered a good school.

Arizona State University. Can't meet related field prereqs. And super expensive.

Cal U of PA. Doesn't offer IT or CSci. Does offer computer systems.

Penn State Worldwide. So, it doesn't really offer what I can apply for, but it does have a Process and Control Systems certificate which would be good for instrumentation for $2500. Interesting.

Cincinnati University. Has a bridge program to the Master IT to get people not related field eligible for Masters program. Surprisingly kind of affordable.

Couldn't find anything really that would work for ABSN.

Any thoughts or input or advice? Am I wasting my time looking at this?

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