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Just listened to Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time.

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The government and Judeo-Christian values are the least of America's problems right now. Let me use my life as an example:

1. I'm coming across bigots on dating sites who refuse to date white people while Trump is in the White House because they "cannot be trusted"

2. More and more people are spending less time talking face to face when they go outdoors and have their face buried in a cell phone 24/7. It astonishes me how the kids growing up today are even MAKING actual IRL friends. It boggles my fucking mind.

3. People like AOC are systemic, and saturate every state across the US. Feminists, Democrats demanding slavery reparations, SJWs, Universities filled with students who believe socialism/communism is the answer (the one I attended had them in droves).

4. Men can't be men anymore. Straight men can't be men anymore. Straight Caucasian men can't even come close to being men anymore. There is an air of white guilt that has seeped into this country's psyche, and it is most certainly frightening, at least to me.

5. Millennials are going to be the first generation to grow up poorer than the generation preceding it. And the fault lies at the baby boomers, who have put America into so much debt, invested so much into ridiculous pension plans, and then there's the inflation and rising cost of college tuition to consider, and THEN the fact that minimum wage is no longer viable for even subsisting through life, much less owning a a two bed room apartment.

The government is honestly the least of my concerns at this juncture. America is diseased, but it's not the government leaking all the taint. It's the culture and the people themselves.

I have been in the Bible belt all my life, and have been berated, bullied, agitated, and abused by many different people throughout my life. I was called a loser for enjoying comics and anime back in the 90s. I was called a virgin for not having a girlfriend when it considered proper to have one at that point. And now my own country is villifying me for being straight, white, and male. This is the kind of shit that's stranger than fiction.

Who cares about the government when the country is tearing itself apart through demagogues and SJWs and history revisionists? No one is communicating anymore thanks to cell phones. No one wants to communicate, or socialize or even LOOK UP.
Feminism liberated women from the natural dignity of their sex and turned them into inferior men.
-Francis Parker Yockey

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