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CableZL posted...
Yeah, I just don't see how AMC would even crack $100 when it was never anywhere near that before the pandemic. People aren't going to be going to theaters more than they were pre-pandemic, especially since covid is still hanging around.
AMC isnt a fundamentals play, its a squeeze play. Theres a boatload of shorted shares and retail owns roughly 80% of the float. If the shorts are ever made to actually pay up, as they should be, AMC can absolutely go nuclear. Its more about if you think the hedge funds who tried to short it to bankruptcy will be let off the hook, which, well. I dont trust our government or Wall Street as far as I can throw them.

Anyway, all goes to say that pretty much every AMC investor would agree its already probably overpriced based on the strength of the company. Its all about whether or not it will have a big squeeze. Same philosophy as GME.


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