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The Golden Triangle Business Improvement District sent a message to its property managers Wednesday advising of a bizarre incident involving a person dressed in what appears to be a Miles "Tails" Prower costume Tails being the closest friend of Sonic the Hedgehog and another person who, based on a circulated photo, was filming it.

An influencer? A TikTok prank? One of a million possibilities we haven't thought of?

At approximately 11:00 a.m. today, the two inspaniduals attempted to gain access to the elevators at a building within the Golden Triangle BID, the BID wrote. "The security officer stopped them prior to the elevators and asked them to leave the building. The inspanidual in the fox costume then looked at the security officer and stated, 'You are a dead man walking.' No further motive for entry was demonstrated.

It was not immediately clear what building the two attempted to enter or why. The Metropolitan Police Department was notified and the BID completed a report on behalf of the neighborhood, the BID wrote.

A MPD spokesperson was not immediately available to comment on any investigation.

Maybe the guard bore a resemblance to Eggman.

Round 2 vs Nichols
Go Dennison!

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