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So there's a fresh Windows install on C, but the old installation and directories are still on E. I don't know for certain what sort of problems that would cause, but there can definitely be some jank in my experience. I'm presuming you redownloaded the games and put them on the SSD which is now C, but there are probably still old configuration files from your previous install on E. I don't know if you deleted/uninstalled the games from E, but in particular with the FFXIV issue, I wonder if for some reason it hits a point where it's maybe referencing files from the other side, even if you uninstalled it?

Is there anything in particular preventing you from reformatting the E drive?

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^Reposted from topic as it has one of the pics in it.
As of Zero vs. Luigi, this contest has lost all credibility!
Nominate Nidoran F, Alucard, CATS, and Sheena Fujibayashi for the win!