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Like my bride to be has been in debt and just finished paying it all off so she probably doesn't even have like $1k in savings.
I have been saving a while now with a stable job.
Now she is Eastern European and living with her parents. So this my 1st time getting married and I like don't know how things work for me as an American or for her in her European wedding culture.

Like does the groom and his family pay for wedding?
Does just the groom pay for the wedding?
Does the bride pay for the wedding?
Does the bride and her family pay for the wedding?
Does the groom and bride split the wedding bill 50/50?

Like I'm a little scared because yikes if gotta pay for the whole thing as the groom alone. I can do it but it really does take a chunk out of the money I wanted us to use for our future house and stuff together...

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