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Anyone here have an Oculus Quest

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Gladius_ posted...
It's not fair to compare putin to Hitler when Putin is gunning down civilians, blowing up hospitals, destroying maternity wards, and attacking orphanages? At this point comparing him to Hitler is more than fair. Putin has no problem with genocide. Is he on Hitler's level yet? No but he is on his way there and is just getting started.

I think what Tucker was trying to bring attention to was that suddenly its us vs. him, as if I have any obligation to forget that Trudeau was trying to do less than a month ago or the various gaffs that Biden and Harris have made with international affairs.

Ive seen idolization of Zelensky to the point of near worship, people replacing the healthcare workers the Avengers were bowing to with him for example. Just how much investment would you say someone has to show to not be a Russian sympathizer? Cause Im certainly not bowing down to someone who people are already comparing to Winston Churchill for some reason. Wonder if that includes the racial views too

Sometimes I say things and I'm not voice acting.

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