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Me & my friends made up a secret language based on GameCube.

Man, I hear all these poeple talk about how hardcrore they are to GameGube but can you top this? :D

Me and my friends have a secret language we made up using GC games and features. We just sat around bored one day cause we wanted to talk about hot girls without our parents hearing, so we came up with it.

For example:

That's awesome = "That's Cube-ular" (anything good or cool can be called "Cube-ular")

What's up = "Wavebird"

She's hot = "She's Samus"

Got any cigarattes? = "Got any Cubesticks?"

Did you do her? = "Did you insert the Memory Card?"

Look at her butt = "Check out the Cube handle"

Bye/ I gotta go = "Power off Cube"

My mom's in the room = "Peach is present"

Things like that... we have like at least 100 phrases and stuff. I know it may seem wierd but after months of using it, it's like a second language

Pretty cool huh? ^_^ Just wanted to share this.

Sorry, I stuttered.

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