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Have you ever seen any NSFA images?

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jpenny2 posted...
You know what I would like to see? I'd like to see someone make sort of the opposite of a TIHYDP, like actual highlights of Phil being good at the game, being legitimately funny, and getting the best of the trolls when they try to bait him. I'm honestly curious about whether or not that would be possible. If someone took the time to comb through one of his playthroughs (and God help that person), filtering out all the begging and toxicity and hours and hours of dead air, could they even find enough footage to make a video that showed Phil's positive aspects?
The first thing that comes to my mind as an actual highlight of Phil being good at the game is when he managed to beat Mz. Ruby on his first try (though he was damaged by Mz. Ruby's shockwave when he got to her the first time around, and in an uncommon example of Phil actually experiencing a game bug, stayed under the water after being damaged until he jumped up to the water's surface) during his first playthrough of Sly Cooper. The second time around however, he died once to Mz. Ruby.

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