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LeoRavus posted...
So how much more are people paying because they don't feel like driving to the store?

It can get pretty ridiculous in my opinion. I used them a lot during peak pandemic last year because I had a lot of credits (free money) and it was convenient. But for most of the places I go, it often broke down like this:

  1. Add ~20% to the price of the item (e.g. something I know that costs $12 at the restaurant is now like $13.50)
  2. $3 "service fee"
  3. $5 "delivery fee"
  4. Tip (I usually do ~$8 since that's what actually goes to the drivers)
So if I order $30 worth of food (if I would have driven there and picked it up at the counter), it usually comes to over $50. So I rarely use it anymore unless I have discounts or credits to offset that.

The bigger chains are usually a bit better about the top item (not hiking up the base prices).

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