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Offworlder1 posted...
I would ask for the harshest sentence possible and not forgive them because they are a piece of shit.

It is sickening that all these people are hugging this murderer as if she is the victim, she killed an innocent man in his own home. The weak will of all these people wanting her to get off light sends a horrible message of "as long as your a woman who cries and feels sad you murdered a man we will go easy on you".

If this was a male police officer who killed a woman in the exact same situation no one would be going easy on him, he would be crucified and shown to be an evil monster.

fucking this. Sure she was "remorseful' but she didn't even think she did anything that warranted getting fired from being a police officer. Some remorse. Nobody would be showing this amount of compassion for amber guyger if she was a man or black. It's bullshit. It would just be "you really should have known better and not been soo trigger happy, here's 50 years in jail for the murder of a very fine human being." Instead it's "you killed a very fine human being who was very forgiving, therefore we're gonna go light on you and forgive you cause that's what he would want." Especially, ESPECIALLY after guyger's racist texts and social media were revealed

although perhaps i'm being hypocritical, but to take someone's life so willy nilly
Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K. Hessel's life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever tasted.

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