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"Benevolent Dictatorship"

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DrizztLink posted...
... that's certainly something to celebrate.
I feel really free living here, to be honest, though freedom may be relative.

I get to discuss matters like these with people from other countries like you guys and getting so many points of views. I get to express my liberal views on social media websites like Instagram and Facebook without getting into trouble, as long as Im not slandering other demographics or notable inspaniduals (which I wouldnt). I get to travel regularly to other countries around the world and see how different every country is. I get to consume media from all around the world without much censorship.

Sure, the cost of living is very high here, but I get complete safety and a high quality of life in exchange. This is true for most developed countries. In fact, Singapore was listed as the happiest country in Asia on the most recent World Happiness Report.


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