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People who don't slow down when your turning on a different a different road forcing you to miss the road.
I did have my turn signal on and everything, but the asshole didn't act like they were going to slow down any so I can turn.
People who run red lights and stop signs( I see this one at least once a day in my town someone running a four way stop sign)
People who don't know who goes first on four way stop signs
People who don't know what Yield signs are.
People who don't know what right of way is
like this for instance if I have don't have anything on my side I shouldn't be forced off the road because someone is going around something on their side pretty sure they have to slow or stop first if I have nothing on my end.
Pretty much at this point I have severe trust issues with anyone else's driving, mine's not perfect by any means but a lot of this does annoy me.
And as long as it isn't a high traffic road I'll quite often wait longer to turn just so I don't have another car driving behind me as well as slow down on a four way if I think am going to show up at the same time as someone.
And oddly enough People driving slow doesn't really bother me much unless it is like 25 mph on a 55 speed zone.
Also another thing was at a stop sign and there was a hill nearby that I can only see so far I already looked when I turned and this one asshole decides to speed up like I pulled out in front them on purpose or something tailgating.
And while not really a driving habit well in my town anyway whenever I am walking I won't cross the road if other cars around either even if they wave me through I'll just walk the other way waiting longer since I don't trust them anymore in that regard either.
Probably a wall of text, but guess I've had this on mind for quite sometime.
I also do get more annoyed with people who go 70mph on a 55 but more of a minor annoyance than some of the other things I listed.
Probably because I am wondering how much time they would have to react if a deer or some other animal pops out in front them same deal with the tailgating when you need to suddenly use your brakes.

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