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05/26/23 8:37:28 AM

We're literally expecting them to learn a whole new language at a time when they don't even know what a language is

And you thought your spanish class in high school was hard.

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05/26/23 8:38:52 AM

My kid can point to random objects and tell me what they are. It's not really impressive but it is adorable.

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05/26/23 8:39:10 AM

We're also expecting them to gain knowledge while dodging bullets & bullies.

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05/26/23 8:41:58 AM

Revnir posted...
We're literally expecting them to learn a whole new language
What is this in reference to?

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05/26/23 8:42:19 AM

Working with your child to make them proficient at more than one language is an ultimate win. Being bi or tri lingual in today's world will catapult them forward.

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05/26/23 9:01:50 AM

Toddlers can and will learn crazy shit

My kiddo taught herself to read by the time she was 2

If the school we're trying to transfer to has any sort of language programs, it'll be one for the few things I insist on.

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05/26/23 9:03:19 AM

We had a toddler as president a few years ago, they've really come a long way.

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05/26/23 9:05:28 AM

I knew how to talk as a toddler. Am i missing something here?

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05/26/23 9:09:58 AM

Actually, at that age, they have more neurons than any other given time in their lives that's why language acquisition is so fast for them.

Toddler learn quite a lot in a short space of time because of this abundance of neurons.

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