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Grand Kirby
05/13/22 6:02:18 PM

I've been using a mouse that has two buttons on the side that I've enjoyed, but have found it a bit lacking and have wished I had more buttons on the mouse. I wanted to look into getting a new one, but one that has easy to click buttons suitable for action games.

I always see mice like this one a lot, which has 12 side buttons, but it honestly seems like way too much to me. I always thought that if I tried to use it while playing something like a shooting game where I need to click things fast I'd just end up hitting the wrong button and causing problems. I did think alternatively that I could double up on the some of the buttons and treat them as like four big buttons instead of 12 separate ones (for example, but having "9" and "12" do the same thing so I'd only have to hit one or the other and not be precise), but I'm not sure if that's possible or reasonable:

On the other hand, this mouse seems more reasonable, with only 7 buttons. But I have a hard time telling if those buttons will work with what I want. There appears to only be two buttons on the side, which isn't an improvement over my current mouse, and the other two buttons look like they're only the DPI switch and a button to change the mouse color, which I'm not even sure can be remapped. That's not what I'm looking for at all:

Has anyone tried these out, or mice that are similar to them, and can tell me if they might be right for me? Or can anyone recommend a good mouse that has more than two side buttons without having an overly excessive amount of extra buttons?

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05/14/22 3:57:10 AM

I'm gonna go on a rant because I think this is cool, but do whatever makes you feel happy!

I'd say to get one with more side buttons. You can always completely unassign a button if you don't want to accidentally hit it. On the other hand, you can't later on wish an extra button into existence

For a specific recommendation- I have a Logitech G600 and enjoy it a lot. A friend recommended it to me a long time ago and we're both still using it.

here's my setup:

Idk if my hand is big or "normal"- i find the left two columns in the image very comfortable to hit, but the right two are a little more awkward because i have to angle my thumb more.

Granted, I use absolutely none of them for 90% of the games I play. It's just really nice when I find a good use case. Even if it's just, like, remapping "open journal" from J to the mouse

I could go on a deeper rant, but I think that's enough for now :)

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05/14/22 4:11:18 AM

I have a g600 which replaced my naga(i prefer the g600) but i definitely feel the too many buttons thing. I tend to gravitate towards using just a few of them.

But there also aren't great middle ground mice between too many buttons and too few.
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