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05/04/21 3:41:00 PM

I've been thinking of, like, I have a problem...

I think I'm going to abandon my diet. I mean, I still WANT to lose weight, but I have decided that my efforts cause more stress than success so Ima just , like, not for a few months to relieve the brainage drainage.

still on the same medication, 75s of Effexor

Secondly, hobbies: I've been pretty good into photography recently, much to the chagrin of the half-painted Space Marine on my desk... but I've also been thinking of getting back to my ancient game design projects. I kinda want to just crank one out to get it out of my system, y'know?

But other than that - I am in a good moody place, I do not have an melancholia or ennui or any depression related symptoms and have been mostly happy all days these last few weeks.

Downsides; it's still very hard to get groceries... I ordered some dry food from Amazon so see how that plays out.


So, how is your brain treating you?

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