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Full Throttle
12/02/19 11:56:54 PM

Is Lauren Hot?

Dailymail has spoken to Estranged Daughter of Police Chief, Johnny O'Mara, who was called a PIG by a Starbucks Employee says her dad IS RACIST and he DESERVED to be called that!!

The Oklahoma police officer spoke out to Fox News after one of his officers was handed a cup that said pig on it as his daughter is speaking out on social media that he absolutely deserved to be called that.

That employee has since been fired but found surprising support of the police chief's daughter, Lauren who defended them even though that barista said it was a joke and apologized...

Lauren however is not backing down and said he is "absolutely a pig" and "has no business being a police officer"

Lauren told Dailymail that her dad was being a "dramatic asshole. They were just 2 teen girls at Starbucks. it was a dumb joke"

She said "This is my father and i'd like to say that he is absolutely a pig and i'd like to thank the brave men and women from starbucks for their service. For the record, my father has 0 business being a police officer, he was blatantly, proudly racist when i was a kid, said things i would never repeat. He treats women like dogs,including his own daughter, oink oink"

They have not spoken in years until she saw this and said "lol this is awkward, i hope he sees this tho. Update: he has seen it and had someoen call my mom to get that s*** off twitter. lmao, he is upset"

Dailymail tried to contact the chief but he is refusing to speak to the media about this

Johnny demanded an apology from the store manager as they offered to reprint the cups but that wasn't enough as he shared images of it and demanded they fire the employee...which they did

Now Starbucks plans to host a "Coffee with a Cop' event where local polic emeet with baristas and members of the community to discuss the role of dispatchers and officers play

Lauren however wants the public to know that her father is no saint and used this story to make himself look good when his real persona is far from the "brave" man he pretends to be and deserves all the hate. They also don't share the same POLITICS as Lauren is a staunch Liberal while her Dad is a Conservative

Is Lauren Hot?

Lauren and Crybaby Beaver Teeth Dad, Johnny -
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12/03/19 2:05:07 PM

that starbucks shit is fake. that label is from a mobile order. the cop entered it under the name "pig" himself and is trying to pass it off as starbucks' fault

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