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Topicyou guys, missing pet signs make me so sad :(
06/10/21 6:54:08 PM

adjl posted...
On the flip side, found pet stories are fantastically uplifting. A friend of mine had his 16-year-old cat go missing, and after a few weeks, presumed him dead. Six months later, he gets a call from a family that had taken in the apparent stray and only just then found the missing cat poster, so he got his cat back. Said cat only lasted another 6 months or so after that anyway, because old, but it was still a great story.


I also remeber one from the US with a male owner who lost a kitten and then like more than a decade later was reunited. That one was bittersweet though. I mean I guess this one is too. So much time lost..... but at least they got to see each again
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