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TopicControversial Opinion #4: Automation
05/09/21 4:24:04 AM

LinkPizza posted...
It could easily happen.
No, it couldn't. You claiming that it could is simply proving that you do not understand how this technology works.

LinkPizza posted...
And are you serious.
About what?

Please provide context to your sentences or quote what you're responding to, because otherwise it's impossible to tell what you're talking about when you suddenly change subjects like this.

LinkPizza posted...
Sorry you cant seem to remember our conversation.
I am not going to remember the details of a conversation I had with an internet rando multiple years ago. If you can remember every online conversation you've ever had, multiple years after it took place, good for you but I have other things that tend to take priority in my memory.

LinkPizza posted...
You also even said my bus company would be getting self-driving bus soon
I can categorically say I did not.

If you want to contest that, let's see your source. Something more reliable than your memory, please, given that you've already misremembered several discussions within this topic, which is several years newer than the conversation you're referencing.

LinkPizza posted...
And Its only a couple of years old. 2018 at the earliest Early 2020 at the latest And I mean early. Like it would have be one of the first two months, IIRC
This makes me doubt that memory you seem so proud of.

You can remember details of a conversation that happened multiple years ago, but not what year it happened?

LinkPizza posted...
If theres just being showed off or tested, its probably easy to get around.
Some are presently in active service and are driving regular routes.

LinkPizza posted...
And Im not confusing my ill-informed hypotheses with actual factual information, because youre the one with the ill-informed hypotheses. Mine are at least based on logic.
The "logic" that "money" allows a city to dodge federal law?

I'm not sure if you're up to speed on the ADA, but it doesn't just require that handicapped people be provided service, it requires that their service not be appreciably different than what would be provided to an able-bodied individual. You can't just "call a spare ride" for them or say that they have to catch the big bus that will be along in ten minutes; if you are providing transportation, you must be able to transport individuals in wheelchairs with no difference in response time to an able-bodied person.

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