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TopicControversial Opinion #4: Automation
05/09/21 4:21:14 AM

LinkPizza posted...
Porn is free
Which is an admission that I'm right.

LinkPizza posted...
Online forums and social media actually sell your info, too, AFAIK. And have ads all over the place.
And are free.

LinkPizza posted...
Podcast are free
Thank you for agreeing with me again.

LinkPizza posted...
And I think most video conferencing items are free, but I cant be sure
Sure you can - by checking yourself. If you're going to contest the point, at least bring some actual evidence to bear.

And you seem to have completely missed the fact that just because there's paid versions of many of the above items doesn't disprove my original point, which is that you can get all of the above, completely for free.

LinkPizza posted...
And you know what else isnt free? The internet.
If you can't afford ~$30.00 a month for an entry-level internet plan, you have much bigger problems in your life than anything we're talking about in this topic.

LinkPizza posted...
If they weren't making money, many of these services wouldn't be free...
But they are making money and it is free.

LinkPizza posted...
So, did you bump your head?
Did you?

You literally just admitted there are free options for everything I said was available for free. You literally just spent an entire topic admitting I'm right and you apparently were too blind to even realize it. You spend several sentences at the end of this paragraph - where, again, you repeatedly admitted I was right - trying to save face and claim I was wrong, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm right and you explicitly admitted so yourself.

Kill 1 man: You are a murderer. Kill 10 men: You are a monster.
Kill 100 men: You are a hero. Kill 10,000 men, you are a conqueror!
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