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TopicControversial Opinion #4: Automation
05/04/21 5:25:56 AM

The reason Im using future tense is because they arent common yet. Obviously Again Im going to be using future tense since they arent common and in every store, so they are still a future tech as of right now. And its $25,000 for that? That seems like a rip-off. What can it even do? Its like a $25,000 vacuum that also can maybe pick up something as long as its not too heavy. And it didn't seem as autonomous as it should have been in a video I saw. The guy bumped a table. But instead of it taking a picture and repositioning itself, it got sad and had to wait for the guys to make it do that. Which seems less autonomous, tbh. And means it would need someone watching it, or checking up on it often... Also, if its that much and can barely do anything, then the ones that can actually do something will be expensive as fuck. It seems I sorely underestimated the price. That will probably be too expensive for normal people to buy for what it does. And what does it matter if it can learn (that one specifically). It can learn a bunch and still do nothing about it And I know the Vroombra a Roomba, which Im pretty sure is built on an automatic line. And still arent free. And quote expensive, tbh. Some are a little cheaper, but some are crazy expensive. Which happens with a bunch of tech. I actually thought theyd be cheaper by now, but nope Theyve been around for almost 20 years, and are still pretty expensive And you do realize you have to buy one, right? Because that means youre still paying for it. You do understand how that works, right? So you are paying for the Roomba. You do understand that, right? So, no. Its not free Where you even got that idea, I dont know. Where do you find free Roombas, because most people are out there paying for them And I explained why your reasons for thinking things will be free are pretty dumb and make no actual sense. Because the only ones who can make things free are the ones who own the robots to do work for them. And they wont, as they rather make bigger profits Another reason is because they wont spend millions of dollars to lose money. These AIs are going to be pretty costly. And normally, all the money they save by using these would go first to paying off the cost of the robots. And then, they would be profits to line their pockets. But why would they spend millions to get a bunch of Robots, and then give things away for free? The answer is, they wouldnt. Even if robots became common, they wouldnt make everything free. Else, the robots are a waste. The robots are suppose to help them get more money. Not make them lose it all Not to mention, with the amount of people who dont trust them, many people will avoid stores with them, only shopping at store without them.

And not all the things you listed are free. Well, unless youre stealing But were talking about legally. For example, many music services cost money like a monthly fee. Or the cost to buy CDs or songs. For pictures, it depends on what type of pictures. To print out pictures, you either pay a store or buy the materials to print as home. For stuff online, many have watermarks because youre basically stealing them from someone else. Videos on YouTube are free (except for the ones that arent). And even then, thats only because they still get paid from ads. If they didnt get ads, it wouldnt be free. And the only reason email (like Gmail) is free is because theyre making money by selling your personal information. So, not changing you makes them money. If they didnt sell your info, it would probably cost something. Stories also depend. Stories in books usually cost money. Either buying the book (or paying for a book subscription on things like Kindles or whatever). Fanfics are usually free, though not always. TV shows are usually on a cable subscription that you have to pay for. Or buy an antenna for. Or a streaming service. Video games are rarely free. Most cost money. And the price has recently risen. Maybe you should inform Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and Steam that games are supposed to be free. Because I dont think they got that message. Only a few are ever free. And the amount is like a drop of water in the ocean of games Porn is free on certain sites. Many do have cost, like a subscription. Even the free ones. You dont have to pay it, but then you dont get all the videos. Its like a free sample at a store. Its large one, but still Online forums and social media actually sell your info, too, AFAIK. And have ads all over the place. Podcast are free If theyre on a free service. Some have moved to a paid service, and are only free if someone puts them somewhere else. And I think most video conferencing items are free, but I cant be sure. I dont use many. And you know what else isnt free? The internet. Which is where youre getting all you free stuff. Meaning that even if this stuff was free on the internet, it's actually not for you. And the only reason some stuff isn't being charged for is they still make money. If they weren't making money, many of these services wouldn't be free... So, did you bump your head? Or are you straight up lying by acting like all of this is free? So, Id hate to break it to you, but youre actually very wrong. Unless youre counting stealing as free. Because I was talking about legally So, Im not refusing to acknowledge anything. But you seem to be refusing to acknowledge reality at this point So those people demanding money for those things are actually getting money So, Im still right, and you oh so very wrong

As for the food, the robot can only come with so much. Also, I actually use quite a few paper plates (I do have my own reasons, though). But I think I meant plant in my post. That was my actually point. As you dont grow plates Autocorrect strikes again (I also thought that would be obvious since the next sentences asked about meat and cheese, but) And again, just because it doesnt require human hands doesnt mean its free. It just means more profit for the owners of the robots. Since like I said earlier, they wont pay millions of dollars to give things away while losing all their money. And if they knew that buying robots would basically make them lose all money, they also wouldnt do it. But they will buy robots because we will still have money. And again, maybe you keep forgetting how the world already works. We dont pay the animals or crops. We pay the farmer who owns them. Well, somebody does. We just normally pay the store who got it from someone who got it from the farmer. The farmer got paid because they were his animals and his crops. And they will still get paid from the same people. They just have to do less of the physical work themselves. Doesnt mean it will be cheaper for the people buying it from them. Why would it be? He can make the same amount of money while doing less Its weird that you keep bringing up paying the roombas or animals. Nobody ever thought that. You always pay the people who own these things. Like buying the roomba from the store, or buying the meat or animal products from the farmer. Its like youre not even trying to come up with something that makes sense. Glad I write these at work instead of wasting time at home writing these So, youre right. Nothing will change. We will still have to pay the farmer taking care of the animals and growing the crops. Do you understand now? And nothing will be free
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