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TopicMy mother sent me this text weeks ago, and since then, I've been losing it.
11/08/19 10:21:17 AM

LinkPizza posted...
I agree with Mead. Some people just need someone to vent to sometimes... So, a compromise is probably best...

It sounds like she has been using him to vent to for a very long time without actually doing anything to try and change the situation. If that is the case TC isn't wrong for wanting it to stop.

You're going through some shit? Yeah, I'll be there and listen if that's what you need. You've been going through the same shit for three years now and just complaining about it to me the whole time? Either do something to fix it or find someone else to bitch about it to. I love you but hearing this same "waah, poor me" spiel all the time and seeing no effort to fix the situation on your end is making me not want to be around you.
"Genetics is fascinating. For example, if I mated with this chicken, I wonder if any of you would tell."
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