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TopicThe TSA broke my luggage lock and went through all my stuff.
11/07/19 4:38:35 PM

captpackrat posted...
You can check luggage and use a regular padlock that the TSA is not allowed to cut off, but, you have to travel with a firearm*. You have to use a secure hard-sided case with a non-TSA approved lock and you have to declare it when checking the bag. There's a special form you have to fill out and if the TSA wants to search your case, they are required that you be present to unlock it. Contact your airline for information on their specific policies.


*The TSA considers black-powder and air-powered weapons, starter and blank-firing pistols, flare guns, replica weapons, and parts of guns such as receivers, frames, barrels, or firing pins to be "firearms".

So buy a cheap gun just to stick in your luggage so you can supervise the TSA's search of it. An interesting solution indeed.
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