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TopicWhy are LONELY people using CLICKBAIT tactics on a GAMING site?
10/11/19 2:53:54 PM

Fair enough, if I was modded for abuse, that is one thing.

My question is, why do you allow for threads that use capitalization of words that make the thread seem important. Along with the thread being about news reports on other sites. It seems those threads should be modded, or the rules should be changed so they can be modded.

"16 year old girl RAPED by her BOYFRIEND is VICTIM shamed by her OWN MOTHER"
Then, it has some written opinion piece from, what seems to be, a want to be journalist, along with pictures and links.

Why are these threads not modded, or even allowed to exist, on a gaming website, moreover, on a board meant to discuss a daily poll? Could you not make a "click bait news board"? Does this person get paid by gamefaqs, or does he really just have nothing better to do?

I would completely justify deleting my thread, it is meant to mock those kinds threads. I never really thought I would be able to really ask a mod these questions. However, that is what I wanted to know. In all honesty, thank you for taking time to take my question seriously.

Common sense has changed as the common person's sense is idiotic; therefore, I am happy to say I am not common, and I have no common sense.
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