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TopicWhy are LONELY people using CLICKBAIT tactics on a GAMING site?
10/11/19 12:39:34 PM

supness420 posted...
I love you guys trying to turn it on me haha! Keep it coming!

rexcrk posted...

Ya, i am not proud of this one. However, i know it hard to detect sarcasm on the web. She once even told me I had Asperger's Syndrome. I still remember that. Was a nice burn. Then, she made a post that kind of was more open and honest about her situation than defensive/offensive. Which honestly did make me feel bad for all the times I had attempted to troll her, so I have since stopped trolling her.

However, trolling everyone else, this is fun! I am so lonely that I can only survive by trolling other lonely people! That is how it gets better, when people assume I am lonely and waste time trying to tell me! It is funny.. I do not know how a random stranger's tears give me some kind of super power! But thank you all! Who will give take the podium next?

PS. Back in reality... I still have yet to hear a good reason other than loneliness or attention for creating click bait news articles on a gaming board... which is all i was asking

You should probably see someone about all these issues you seem to have.
These pretzels are making me thirsty!
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