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03/05/19 3:04:35 PM

I started my subscription to the AMC A List a few months ago and do enjoy how its helped me make going to the movies more of a consistent hobby.

Recently saw Wandering Earth, Fighting with My Family, and Happy Death Day 2U.

Wandering Earth was fun and mindless, but I did leave a bit disappointed since I actually went into it thinking it was going to be amazing given how much its sold. Happy Death Day 2U was just okay. I actually enjoyed the first one but figured the second wouldnt match its quality. Definitely correct in that aspect.

Fighting with My Family was the best of the trio and actually had me pulling up footage from Paiges time in the WWE. Although I grew up watching the WWE, its been more than a decade since I actually tuned in. Had no idea who Paige was but the film pulled me right back in, if only for a moment.
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