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Topicdarkx continues to watch the Pokemon anime
02/19/19 11:22:32 AM

Okay, so since I last updated, I have watched twelve episodes, so I figured I'd just give a quick thought or two on each one.

Wheel of Frontier - Snorlax is a beast. But Ash is never gonna have an easy win, is he? I guess it wouldn't be much of a show if he did.

May's Egg-cellent Adventure - That girl was annoying.

Weekend Warrior - This one had some issues (that family is really dysfunctional imo) but it was a nice parallel to adults who still like to do perceived "kids" things in their free time and that that's okay, especially given the timing of this episode, it would have aired right around the time the show's original audience was hitting 16-20ish.

On Olden Pond - Meh. A lot of bull in this episode.

Tactics Theatrics - I guess this was a pretty cool episode.

Reversing the Charges - I felt bad for Elekid as well as all the Pokemon it was hurting because it was basically under the equivalent of being unwillingly injected with steroids. And the way they finally defeated Team Rocket was complete bull. But it was pretty fun visually and Phanpy evolved.

The Green Guardian - I LOVE how they finally incorporated spin-off game stuff into the show! (well, first time since Todd anyway) Also Celebi, naww!

From Cradle to Save - Wow, Brock, the rock Pokemon specialist, finally caught a rock Pokemon (legit, this is the first time he's caught a rock Pokemon since his original Onix and Geodude that he had before we even met him). And while I like that they didn't just leave a baby Bonsly alone and abandoned and with a whole town wanting its head on a platter, I already can't tell if it's a legit toddler and just acting like it or if it is fully aware of the crap it's already pulling. Maybe a little of both? I think this is a Pokemon I'm NOT going to like.

Time Warp Heals All Wounds - Okay, so I'm not sure how I feel about May and Meowth changing an event from a half a century prior to make it so that a couple stayed together, so now they have memories of each other for 50 years that really didn't happen (I guess in the new timeline it happened) oh and the whole town has changed. I was half expecting the whole Life is Strange deal where they realize that they changed some stuff for the worse too and went back and put things back to the way they were but I guess they wouldn't do something like that on a kids show. And I guess that's why I can accept this episode for what it is, because it's a kids show.

Queen of the Serpentine - First off, don't be silly, dub, serpents don't exist. Second, so many people were so idiotic in this episode. Like Ash literally putting Pikachu in a box that Team Rocket has used before. Multiple times. Also Lucy's team going to greet Ash despite the Pike being closed that day. Also Brock was way more aggressive than usual in this episode but I kinda like how it gave us the other perspective on this one. Poor guy, he missed a legitimate chance.

Off the Unbeaten Path - As soon as they revealed the premise for this episode I knew it was going to be as fillerific as filler can be. But as uber-filler goes it wasn't awful. I like that James won and that all he cared about was winning with Mime Jr. and not necessarily the prize, so Jessie and Meowth still got their comeuppance for cheating.

Harley Rides Again - Can we please get this character out of the show sooner rather than later? And why did the writers think May losing to him would be a good idea at all? It's fine when she loses to Drew but this guy? Ugh.
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