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Topicdarkx continues to watch the Pokemon anime
02/07/19 9:26:06 PM

As of last night I finished Advanced Battle and watched the first episode of the actual Battle Frontier season, aka the first episode with the new voice actors.

Oh. Dear. Lord.

Team Rocket's voices aren't that bad, about as good as you'd expect from replacements trying to mimic beloved voices. Brock's at least attempts to sound like the original. Max's is probably the closest to the original (but that's a bad thing because Max is annoying), but oh my dead God in heaven Ash and May's new VAs don't even TRY. Oh, and the writing was CLEARLY different. No attempt to mimic the 4Kids style. Almost like it was just directly translated.

That being said, I've heard that they get better, especially Sarah Natochenny, and that Sinnoh is pretty awesome overall so I have that to look forward to, but that Unova is pretty bad.

Anyway thoughts to wrap up the final 4Kids episodes...

Harley is still the God damn worst.

There's actually some pretty fun filler lately.... with food as a strange recurring theme.

That being said I'm going to take a fairly short (1 to 2 weeks probably) break from watching this to watch other things so in a day or so I'm gonna summon a bump bot to help me out.
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