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A bag of nuts somehow got into the clothes washer
Firewood18509/11 12:45am
What is the moral consensus on receiving an unwanted gift?
Firewood18909/06 8:23am
ITT: we tell some jokes
Firewood181309/02 3:56pm
Oh, I forgot today is Labor Day.
Firewood18209/02 12:37am
How much filth can you live with?
Firewood181308/31 1:28pm
Have you ever acquired furniture from the curb?
Firewood181708/30 4:41pm
I have a new boss.
Firewood18408/28 8:53pm
There is a nocturnal orb weaving spider on my deck
Firewood18408/16 11:57pm
I spent a few days at a campground and fell in love
Firewood18908/14 1:02am
Doug Stanhope died
Firewood18308/09 12:40am
Do you ever visit museums/art galleries?
Firewood18908/08 3:34pm
There's the bathroom on the right
Firewood18208/03 4:09pm
Zombieland 2, eh?
Firewood18707/31 9:50am
What would we do without sponges?
Firewood181207/29 10:23pm
This a poll
Firewood18307/24 12:59pm
The sport of boxing has actually become interesting again
Firewood18707/21 1:13pm
Door knobs will fail
Firewood18707/18 11:44am
I have a tree in my backyard
Firewood18207/17 1:49am
Please. Don't pull me over mister officer please
Firewood18207/14 3:26am
What do you do with your nail clippings?
Firewood182607/08 9:10pm
My horse is too high and I can't get off
Firewood18907/07 1:07pm
They remade Jacob's Ladder
Firewood181007/07 1:59am
Good things I could go for a year without right now
Firewood18106/29 10:41pm
She's in love with herself
Firewood18206/28 7:36pm
Weird food combinations (I've got a new one)
Firewood18406/25 11:41am
I've been getting small anxiety attacks after eating
Firewood18706/20 11:18pm
What's the best thing to write in someone's retirement card?
Firewood18906/20 7:20pm
I'm going to make a collage
Firewood18606/16 1:28pm
Some people are helpful when you ask them questions
Firewood18106/12 11:06pm
Rollerball is such an awesome movie
Firewood18106/05 6:26pm
I lost my sunglasses.
Firewood18805/30 6:54pm
If you're looking for me
Firewood18705/29 7:30am
Thank you Luc Besson for making some amazing movies.
Firewood18205/27 1:31am
42% of Americans aren't really Americans.
Firewood18505/25 10:43pm
Two truths and a lie
Firewood181005/16 2:08am
I watched two great Canadian movies: Rubber and Turbo Kid
Firewood18605/14 10:12pm
Things that you were not supposed to see
Firewood181705/05 3:35am
Best way to clear a clogged drain
Firewood18205/03 2:11pm
Dressed me up in women's clothes
Firewood18604/26 3:35pm
Scared to death
Firewood181404/21 7:16am
I've been getting one of those supermarket rotisserie chickens every week
Firewood183804/11 3:06pm
Have you ever tipped off the police?
Firewood181504/10 8:27pm
The weather
Firewood18304/08 11:53pm
An unlimited supply of film
Firewood18304/07 11:57pm
Can gay couples Herve childrrn?
Firewood18903/31 10:07am
I just ate half a can of Pringles.
Firewood18803/28 4:08am
Thanos vs Kratos
Firewood18503/27 2:29pm
Been watching dumb but popular movies with 12 yr old stepdaughter
Firewood181603/26 9:15pm
Ever been blackmailed?
Firewood18903/23 1:37pm
Some will die in hot pursuit and fiery auto crashes
Firewood18903/17 1:33am
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