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Board 8 Best Animated Series 2024 (Day 25): feat. Dragonball Z vs. X-Men: TAS 46 2024-07-17 01:48:17
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(1) Batman: The Animated Series: 23
(8) The Critic: 7

(4) DuckTales (1980s): 18
(12) Digimon Adventure: 16

(3) Looney Tunes: 24
(11) The Amazing World Of Gumball: 10

(10) Invincible: 16
(2) Adventure Time: 10

The second round wrapped up with one big upset, two largely expected blowouts, and an instant classic that saw DuckTales beat Digimon Adventure after a back and forth battle. Invincible proved that it's gotten a lot stronger in its second tournament by knocking off Adventure Time, but Looney Tunes will likely be a much taller mountain to climb.

We're into the final 32! Any big matchups you're looking forward to seeing? What's surprised you most so far?
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