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Poll of the Day chromebook users, any you recommend in the $150-$200 range? 9 2023-11-20 21:18:39
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badjay posted...
I mean you can get some for about 100 dollars. They're pretty simple laptops, but if you expect them to do anything fancier than word processing, reading emails, and watching videos etc you're gonna have to pay more.
yeah i like them due to them being more safe. when i was a kid i went through so much issues with windows. i smartened up, but i'd still rather avoid windows.

but yeah these chromebooks run into issues too, this one was $129 a year and a half ago, lately when i open the lid it says system ui not responding. as you can see i type lower cased mostly because a bunch of random stuff happens when i use the upper case. also sometimes a random string of letters and numbers appear after what i type. also if i enlarge a guide on this site due to the small screen, and scroll down with the direction button it'll keep auto-scrolling for like 5 seconds.

i just like that they're more affordable, and looking for a replacement asap,
Recommend some anime, preferably completed series or in the least, series that feel like they ended well.
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