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time to buy CDPR stocks
apolloooo701/17 7:54am
why do CD projekt release cyberpunk the same date soviet invaded poland?
apolloooo601/17 7:03am
wow Australia looks like mordor seen from aeroplane
apolloooo1401/17 3:51am
the best 2020 haircut is here. don't even try anymore
apolloooo1501/16 11:13pm
playing deus ex in 2020 is . . .weird
apolloooo1701/16 9:43am
why are people so sure elden ring will release this year?
apolloooo401/16 1:52am
i bought atelier sophie. my first atelier game dont know what to expect
apolloooo701/15 11:44am
do you think the atoms in your body is once a dinosaur poop?
apolloooo701/15 10:50am
beastars is one of the best if not the best manga i ever read
apolloooo4301/14 5:57pm
i watched the 48 minutes gameplay of cyberpunk and got excited over it all again
apolloooo401/14 9:03am
how do you get this good with microsoft paint
apolloooo401/14 3:38am
jesus PC gamer iceborne review is garbage
apolloooo1001/13 3:10am
chromatic aberration is the new brown filter of this gen
apolloooo101/12 8:34pm
this shadow complex game is good. shame they don't make any sequel
apolloooo201/12 10:33am
hmmm dat animation in the new my hero aca episode
apolloooo1501/12 9:24am
what is the best video game credits?
apolloooo1701/12 4:40am
woman deadlift 520 lb
apolloooo2301/11 12:19am
gonna watch ip man 4 today
apolloooo201/11 12:16am
i just saw a cat puking. gotta be the most disgusting thing i have ever seen
apolloooo901/10 3:27am
i like physical books.
apolloooo901/09 8:42am
can you drink so much vodka your blood become flammable?
apolloooo501/08 11:33pm
been really low energy since xmas/new year holiday. tired all the time
apolloooo1601/08 7:54am
DMC V kicked bayonetta's 2 ass so far
apolloooo1001/08 2:37am
shadow warrior (the remake/reboot) is fun
apolloooo701/08 2:00am
how do you feel that there is a secret cabal of ultra rich pedophiles exist?
apolloooo2901/06 1:31pm
i am legit sad dante is bankrupt is DMC V
apolloooo701/06 4:11am
if you have free 30 minutes or so i recommend playing the demo of stoneshard
apolloooo501/06 3:23am
no one told me bloom into you manga already have an ending
apolloooo201/06 3:20am
The rising of the bookworm is the best isekai so far
apolloooo4301/05 10:43pm
were you alot pickier as a kid? the same? the reverse?
apolloooo1201/05 1:15pm
why are there guys with balls squishing fetish
apolloooo101/05 9:21am
anyone playing into the breach?
apolloooo401/05 9:20am
schools should teach kids how to handle pressure and stress in a healthy way
apolloooo601/04 11:10am
after using mechanical keyboard for a year i find them overrated
apolloooo3401/04 12:29am
so stopping drinking alcohol dont really reduce your tolerance
apolloooo1001/03 11:25am
timeloop games. they are all really great so far.
apolloooo1701/03 10:35am
do you think human eggs taste good?
apolloooo601/02 11:58pm
Australia's ecosystem is collapsing atm
apolloooo1101/02 1:03am
i was groaning and accidentally did the double voice thing
apolloooo1001/01 9:30am
it's 2020 here. happy new year guys
apolloooo812/31 9:38pm
Vinland Saga
apolloooo1312/30 10:18pm
granblue fantasy relink. looks like dragon's dogma by platinum studio
apolloooo512/30 6:38am
finished evil within 2. i think it's overrated
apolloooo512/29 10:02pm
i completed almost 50 games in 2019
apolloooo1412/29 5:40am
cool. a mod to cut off all the bad part of sekiro and play only the good part
apolloooo412/28 7:34am
what's your 2020 (or beyond) awaited games? (long list of mine)
apolloooo2012/28 3:51am
is there fetish based dating app?
apolloooo912/28 3:19am
vertigo is honestly one of the most unpleasant experience i have gotten
apolloooo312/28 1:18am
damn that one piece chapter
apolloooo112/27 10:58pm
man the promised neverland manga really went downhill (spoiler)
apolloooo312/27 2:08am
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