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Karen on the News again
Aki_Sora212/10 9:03am
Alien isolation coming to iOS and Android hype
Aki_Sora411/17 10:18am
Is your smartphone bigger and long than your dick?
Aki_Sora711/15 1:15pm
Why no rich people or countries build new Tower of Babel?
Aki_Sora911/07 9:30am
Is 6gb ram phone still good or not?
Aki_Sora110/20 6:24am
Mahiro Tadai ideal penis is to short.
Aki_Sora810/15 12:39pm
Can someone link me 120hz video? YouTube lock 60hz
Aki_Sora510/12 4:59am
Google support China
Aki_Sora909/28 3:12pm
America facts
Aki_Sora409/08 8:08am
I wish there are more movie with 60fps
Aki_Sora108/28 9:55am
Landlord vs pitbull vs cop who win?
Aki_Sora3508/23 11:05pm
It seem couple of my younger friend keep sending me pop.cilck link on WhatsApp
Aki_Sora208/14 6:45am
Which One Of Those Actor You Enjoy While Watching Their Movie?
Aki_Sora1108/07 10:23pm
Just got my second vaccine and get certificate card and digital certificate.
Aki_Sora1108/05 9:53pm
Fate/Grand Order - Kyushoku Tokuiten Kani Jikan Shinden Solomon movie hype
Aki_Sora107/25 8:09am
I wish YouTube have features or option to block video from certain countries
Aki_Sora207/17 11:22am
Just got vaccine today.
Aki_Sora1107/15 10:20pm
Can someone please Post pic where Godzilla died?
Aki_Sora307/12 8:14pm
Why He-Man have to be half naked just to show he have power?
Aki_Sora2507/10 3:00pm
Why batman become bad guy when he kill the enemies?
Aki_Sora2007/05 8:03am
I'm your little butterfly
Aki_Sora907/04 2:43pm
RIP Man Fan died at the room shot up to 97 degrees
Aki_Sora1306/29 1:15am
What is Bussy?
Aki_Sora1306/19 1:33pm
Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 release today at japan
Aki_Sora1303/10 6:04am
China play civilization game in real life while America play call of duty
Aki_Sora1903/09 9:59pm
Capcom should remaster Asura Wrath and Port it to PC
Aki_Sora703/09 7:48am
Man of steel and Batman v superman ultimate edition are the best comic movie
Aki_Sora703/08 10:38pm
Devil may cry Pinnacle of combat look awesome
Aki_Sora903/08 8:08am
The World Ends with You: The Animation hype
Aki_Sora303/08 6:54am
Aki_Sora103/08 3:46am
Aya Neo look freaking cool
Aki_Sora103/07 8:23pm
Smartphone company that still sell 64gb and 128gb model should go bankrupt
Aki_Sora5003/07 12:23pm
FANT4STIC is the WORST Marvel movie
Aki_Sora2003/06 7:59pm
Why the fuck the are so many new user on CE?
Aki_Sora103/06 9:20am
Marvel's wandavision copy DC man of steel
Aki_Sora103/06 3:44am
Tiny angry cat
Aki_Sora103/05 9:25pm
Is there people that still worship Odin or Zeus?
Aki_Sora203/04 8:20am
Asian lives matter.
Aki_Sora303/03 9:31pm
Do therapists meet other therapist when they have problem?
Aki_Sora1403/03 6:50pm
America bomb Syrian and israel want to bomb Syrian too
Aki_Sora1603/02 10:18am
Is The Last Remnant Remastered good?
Aki_Sora603/02 9:06am
I'm poor people now :(
Aki_Sora203/01 11:06am
Asian live matter.
Aki_Sora1102/28 4:20am
Final Fantasy VII THE FIRST SOLDIER and EVER CRISIS coming to smartphone HYPE
Aki_Sora2102/26 10:08am
It suck that many smartphone maker don't make 1tb smartphone model more
Aki_Sora402/26 5:49am
Do you update the app in your smartphone?
Aki_Sora402/25 4:02am
Thick butt
Aki_Sora302/23 12:28pm
How the fuck America can eat refrigerated leftovers food without reheating?
Aki_Sora1602/23 9:39am
What those it means when Biden say America is back?
Aki_Sora302/20 11:55am
What your favorite Avril lavigne song
Aki_Sora702/19 11:10am
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