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Unsure what to nominate- trading 6 nominations for Marvel vs Capcom 3 I guess
Lopen3501/18 9:23pm
Langrisser Mobile Topic Again
Lopen41210/26 11:09am
Langrisser Mobile Topic
Lopen49803/28 2:42pm
Final Fantasy Record Keeper Topic 42.b: The Haunted Seven's curse was the purge.
Lopen43212/31 3:45pm
Fail to authenticate from external provider
Lopen512/22 12:43am
Alternate idea to removing Link from contests outright. GAUNTLET.
Lopen712/14 6:10pm
Lopen books WWE in real time in TEW Wrestlemania Insanity Edition TURBO #Reload
Lopen21307/22 8:44pm
I'm having trouble swallowing, have been for four hours now
Lopen3304/20 11:54am
Lopen runs current day WWE in real time in TEW 2016. HYPER TURBO!
Lopen21001/12 3:55am
Anyone use those ultra wide curved monitors?
Lopen311/08 4:26am
I still haven't booked wrestling in TEW 2016. I want to. Let's talk about it.
Lopen1810/17 2:20am
What's a good cheap phone that's compatible with t-mobile and uses a nano sim
Lopen1009/22 3:54am
Want to buy a PS4. How good is the Prime Day Deal on it? (Pro Deals?)
Lopen707/11 10:57pm
~FIGHT!~ Dante Shulk Bossman Yuri Raziel v Armstrong Diablo Bass Chrom Vanille
Lopen6606/15 11:15am
~FIGHT!~ Squall Leonhart vs Neclord
Lopen5706/13 8:47pm
Mercenaries 4 Mafia Topic 8: Buy Brock.
Lopen9604/15 10:15pm
Lopen watches and talks about all the Royal Rumbles. And ranks them. TURBO.
Lopen49403/19 7:00pm
Lopen watches and talks about all the Royal Rumbles and ranks em. TURBO. #RELOAD
Lopen3903/15 3:39pm
Lopen's kanji learning quest topic... FUNSHINE TURBO...?
Lopen39806/18 4:09pm
I hate how Steam only lets you go into offline mode if you're online.
Lopen1005/24 8:58pm
Five thousand dollars cash (tax free) to kill a person who broke into your home
Lopen10702/10 5:54pm
Trading 12 nominations for Sol Badguy vs Ky Kiske [Guilty Gear] [I'm Falling]
Lopen7209/25 2:31pm
~FIGHT~ Potemkin/Chipp/Spencer/Isa/Heat/Selvaria v Revan/Kefka/Cloud/Boss/Joanna
Lopen1607/28 9:24pm
~FIGHT!~ Lara/Vivi vs Fortune/Grabner-ZERO/etc vs Dracula/Death/etc vs TYRANT
Lopen1707/28 12:20pm
Wow these boards are practically unusable without GameFOX these days
Lopen4307/18 1:03am
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