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Which gender writes most of your favourite novels?
Bass_X01411/28 7:26pm
I'm watching Demon Slayer.
Bass_X0611/28 12:26pm
Thanksgiving Day disasters
Bass_X0311/28 6:34am
They should make a Home Alone movie with Kevin McCallister as the father
Bass_X01111/25 9:59pm
Funny google translate error
Bass_X0311/25 8:40am
Meghan Markle Sausage
Bass_X0411/25 6:42am
Can you be a non-binary lesbian?
Bass_X0111/24 4:43am
25 fictional characters who would probably have voted Trump
Bass_X02111/23 2:11pm
Anyone here called Russell?
Bass_X0211/23 1:59pm
You are hypnotised into forgetting all sex you have ever had.
Bass_X01511/22 12:26pm
What are examples of terrible actions that have stuck in your mind?
Bass_X0111/22 10:40am
Would you attend a gender reveal party?
Bass_X0111/22 10:01am
All women love having their **** sucked
Bass_X01511/22 6:35am
Donald Trump should have fathered a child during his presidency
Bass_X0611/22 5:48am
Is anyone here excited for CYBERSEX?
Bass_X0111/22 2:52am
Canadian Tire
Bass_X03711/21 8:42pm
Is Trump calling Mexicans criminals and rapists racist or not?
Bass_X0211/21 11:09am
Don't vote for a white man in the next election.
Bass_X0111/20 3:55pm
Have you found Jesus?
Bass_X01011/20 3:33pm
Two girls, one penis
Bass_X0311/20 8:16am
I'm attempting a no-death playthrough in real life.
Bass_X0411/19 4:11pm
What you just said is offensive to teens in the year 2050
Bass_X01711/19 12:11pm
How long until a LGBTQ President?
Bass_X0911/19 9:39am
When she stops what she is doing to take a pic of her butt
Bass_X01411/18 2:30pm
I think she did though.
Bass_X0211/18 6:32am
They should remake Jingle All The Way
Bass_X0211/18 4:28am
Q*Bert's Thanksgiving
Bass_X0111/17 5:38pm
I want to see photos of Great Tits
Bass_X0611/17 5:16pm
Will the Home Alone reboot feature modern technology?
Bass_X01811/17 4:29pm
Willst thou get the girl?
Bass_X0111/17 3:22pm
Don't know why this guy is resisting this girls advances
Bass_X01711/16 6:32am
Hilarious mistranslated sign
Bass_X0411/15 7:52pm
You can protect your family, your guns, or your drugs. But only one.
Bass_X0511/15 11:19am
why is banned at my workplace for being NSFW?
Bass_X0911/13 3:39pm
Name things that not enough.
Bass_X0311/13 11:12am
I am not the murder! I'm gonna shoot you with my Truth Bullets to prove it!
Bass_X0211/12 3:35pm
Playboy model asked to cover cleavage on plane
Bass_X0711/11 11:45am
When it's 2020 and you can take no more
Bass_X0111/11 11:44am
I'd like a future CGI movie to have character customisation
Bass_X01111/11 8:52am
What if the next Scooby-Doo movie race-swapped a character?
Bass_X02511/10 8:02pm
Erect nipples feel weird
Bass_X0411/10 8:26am
I'm watching the Danganronpa anime
Bass_X0111/08 5:58pm
Have you ever been to a Mega Church?
Bass_X01611/08 4:07pm
Who are decent American radio talk show hosts?
Bass_X0211/08 1:55pm
Whats the best thing you ever put in the trash?
Bass_X0111/08 8:35am
Now someone will make a porno spoof of President Biden
Bass_X01211/07 8:11pm
Trump doesn't like losers in presidential elections
Bass_X0311/07 7:48pm
if someone died after voting, does their vote still count?
Bass_X0711/06 3:57pm
Adults aged 30+, do you enjoy reading Young Adult novels?
Bass_X01111/06 3:31pm
2020 being what it is, President Biden will turn out to be worse than Trump
Bass_X03111/06 3:22pm
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