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3 DUMB BITCHES try to fight men. They get their ASSES BEAT. People laugh.
Ace_of_Spades90504/20 4:57pm
WOMEN r putting WASP NESTS in their PUSSIES O_O
Ace_of_Spades901104/17 2:03pm
Day 2: Would you FUCK Victoria Justice?
Ace_of_Spades902804/11 12:29pm
Day 3: Would you FUCK Ariana Grande?
Ace_of_Spades902404/11 12:24pm
Day 1: Would you FUCK Tori Spelling?
Ace_of_Spades901104/10 7:33pm
LUCY FLORES - is she hot?
Ace_of_Spades901204/10 2:19am
Ace_of_Spades902004/09 2:21am
This is why PUSSIES stink.
Ace_of_Spades908104/07 9:06pm
a bitch and an asshole fight. the bitch walks away crying.
Ace_of_Spades90604/04 7:08pm
Pussy rejuvenation is on the rise. Women want to be pretty and moist down there.
Ace_of_Spades90204/04 4:16pm
BITCH tries to hit police officer in the throat. He then PUNCHES her.
Ace_of_Spades903704/04 8:11am
a BITCH hits a cop. he then SMACKS her face. she then cries like a child.
Ace_of_Spades905003/28 10:34am
A guy gets kicked in the balls during a fight. Fight ends shortly after.
Ace_of_Spades90503/27 8:35pm
2 bitches fight over a man
Ace_of_Spades901503/23 2:14am
a man beats up 2 BITCHES and a WHITE KNIGHT. Damn O_O
Ace_of_Spades904803/22 10:50am
DISGUSTING ghetto girls fighting at Walmart bathroom
Ace_of_Spades904803/22 4:13am
NBC: women are watching tons of gay porn
Ace_of_Spades902203/18 1:27pm
Grown women gang up on a young man and punch him and kick him in the balls
Ace_of_Spades901303/15 7:28pm
Is Kylie Jenner hot?
Ace_of_Spades901203/05 1:53pm
a STUPID BITCH throws tacos at a uber driver. uber driver then cries.
Ace_of_Spades903003/04 11:41pm
3 BITCHES get beat up and thrown to the ground by a bouncer
Ace_of_Spades905302/23 4:20pm
Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of gays
Ace_of_Spades901702/21 12:07am
Trailer trash Trump supporter: I'd drown my kids if they were gay"
Ace_of_Spades907502/16 7:01pm
a BITCH beats herself up after her man breaks up with her
Ace_of_Spades901302/15 2:04pm
3 BITCHES and one dude attacks a guy. He is then SAVED by a guy who knocks out..
Ace_of_Spades90502/12 9:08pm
a BITCH tries to kick a guy in the balls twice. he then PUNCHES her in the FACE.
Ace_of_Spades903402/05 8:33pm
Confirm or Deny: this male fitness model is attractive
Ace_of_Spades90601/08 2:15pm
Confirm or Deny: this Sports Illustrated model is attractive
Ace_of_Spades90101/08 2:15pm
Gays and Lesbians. Do you support them?
Ace_of_Spades902612/16 10:24pm
My straight friend asked me to suck his dick
Ace_of_Spades901410/12 5:05pm
Chubby girls like this? Would you date a woman with this body type?
Ace_of_Spades901510/04 4:56pm
Advice? How do I not get a boner in front of my straight friends in the.....
Ace_of_Spades902109/28 5:36pm
Harvard Business Review: 'gay men now earn MORE money than straight men.'
Ace_of_Spades901206/12 6:22pm
Liberal States vs Conservative States
Ace_of_Spades902205/31 12:06pm
Can you SEE this?
Ace_of_Spades90905/11 7:11pm
Why does my dick get hard when I see a hot guy?
Ace_of_Spades90405/27 12:30pm
Do you use lotion?
Ace_of_Spades902905/16 4:38pm
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