Testing a new framework deployment of the site


Update, you can log-in.

Can't do anything with logging in yet buuuuuut god damn was that some work because my hosting plan really limits my options so the situation is a bit convoluted - you need to generate a new password to work the beta systems because I can't do on Flask what I can do on PHP and vice-versa.

So what so you have to do?


Well if you check the omega login page you'll see the Forgot Password bit, it'll lead you to a

Forgot Generator

page on the classic site. So if you still know your credentials you can put them there, click Generate, and you'll have your Forgot Key set in the field so you can just log-in using your credentials & the key and your details will be updated.

If you don't remember your password, as always you just have to PM me and I'll set on up for you to create a new password.

Account creation works fine on the new page.

Like I said though accounts don't really do anything aside from appear on the header and you can logout but yeah I guess posting here will be next.