Testing a new framework deployment of the site


... I... i think I got it fixed now.

So immensely frustrating to figure out this problem, why it would work running in one environment but not the host environment, and after changing the way my debug fixing script works I discovered two things -- that GameFAQs is very inconsistent in how it displays its data, sometimes wrapping the message body text with a "msg_text" wrapper but sometimes just *not* doing that. But also, even when it was, the html parser is malinforming the data and when there'd be a topic it would end the entire table element after the poll vote div closed for some reason - so the actual message data was outside of the searched td element.

So with changing what I'm looking for and instead using the html5lib parser I've got a scan running now and everything seems to be going well. Posts are uploaded correctly, with sigs, with poll data, just all good now finally - and better yet polls are being scanned correctly the very first time so I don't even have to run a post-scan correction function.