Testing a new framework deployment of the site



I just added a select statement to pull all topics with the None issue into the small debugging debugging code and I just watched it clear out 43/44 of the affected topics (the 44th purged).

I don't get it it's literally the same lines of code, this is just me accessing one function that does all the work in one goal for the sole task of updating this list of topics as opposed to the exact same function in-between scans.

*shrug* I guess I can just schedule this function to run after the scan. Also, strange issue, some poll-less topics are identified as having a poll for some reason... I don't understand how, whether a topic has a poll or not is defined only by an assignment on post #1 in a topic that checks if there is a div with id poll_results or not. Yet there's somehow topics marked Poll that don't have this? Huhhhh, maybe this is left-over from a previous check I had??