Testing a new framework deployment of the site


Post search is on. Can't remember what else i was working on it's kind of a blur at this point.

I still need to make a database selector for the post search function, other forms of browsing don't require it because the topic list is kept in one main log and it keeps track of which database its posts exist within - all topics can be searched at once, and when you enter a topic it automatically knows to retrieve from its corresponding database.

Posts on the other hand are what's spread across all the 11 so far databases (gonna need to add another again soon), so that's why a selector's needed. And no way in hell would I use a union across each database knowing how long that'd make a search cost.

I'd like to get a more legitimate database host but the plan I'd require would cost more than I can afford yet so that'll have to wait. Maybe I'll add a donation link when all's done.