Testing a new framework deployment of the site


Hard to remember all changes for today but Topic Search is up (just titles), connected the full list of databases so all topics are now viewable, and I think yesterday is when I normalized the theme colours.

Added back the little dillo icons on the topic list, but I've also now tweaked it so it will actually be useful - differentiating which topics have polls or not. Poll topics now use the red icon, lost topics use black.

Prepared the post search bar, but it doesn't do anything yet. Topic searching at least uses the same page as the topic list just like GameFAQs does, but post searches will require a unique page which I haven't yet decided on the specifics.

Hitting midnight so that's probably it for today... low-key I'd love to implement these boards here so I can post these updates through the new design instead of this ugly place. But that'll require a few updates like handling sessions to store login state and of course the login page. So next is probably post search.