Testing a new framework deployment of the site


Been working on a thing again for the past few days, got enough of it ready to deploy a public demo of what's available.

I originally made this site in a mess of terrible PHP duck-taped together like 6 years ago when I had much less experience than I do now. Since then with learning a whole bunch of frameworks I really wanted transition this place to use one.

... unfortunately with my hosting plan my options are severely limited, I've had a great time with JS frameworks (Express / React / Next, in the last thread I mentioned a bit) but that's a no-go here. I was then looking into Django which I thought I remembered having support but lol whoops nope there went that studying.

However! What I do know is supposedly supported is Flask... which I had a bad experience working with a long while ago, but now with experiencing some other frameworks I'm willing to give it another go and definitely implement better structural concepts.


So I got enough of it now to justify a public deployment, just finished configuring it into production and here it is. Obviously not fully-featured yet, I only so far implement basic browsing mechanics: home / board menu, topic list, post list, and post page, with page navigation.

Only the main / current database is linked up, so if you go to older topics or the manual board or this one you won't find anything yet. That being said I think it's looking much better with responsive design to adjust for mobile users finally... currently a bit of an issue with topic pages being themed with a darker pallet than the home page / topic list but both were looking nice while I was making them and I haven't normalized it yet but I'll work on it.

Deploying because I actually don't know if my hosting provider can actually handle it, like I said I tried Flask on this before and it had crashing problems so that's why I wanna test and see how it runs on-server. Worst-case scenario I'll have to rebuild my PHP infrastructure with what I've learned over the years but yikes ugh, maybe I'd look at other options tbh.