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Not a fan of Mc D's but.

They have a buy 1 get one for $1 for their old dollar meal items (Mc double, chicken etc). They are 3$ now base, so you get 2 for $1.50 each and that stacks with any coupon (so 1$ large fries).

Lets you get 2 mc doubles and a large fry for a bit over $5 total.

It's a pretty cheap and filling meal in a pinch. Not as good as the old days but honestly even when Mc Doubles where $1, fries were 2-3$ for a large, so you still paid what you do now back then (for that combo).

Other things have gone way up in price, but. not many places you can get a pretty full/filling meal for $5 left sadly.

As far as making fries at home, if you are gonna do it even semi often, invest in a deep fryer, they are cheap (like $30?) on amazon. Then you can also buy a large thing of peanut oil (enough to fill the fryer twice) on amazon as well. If you strain the oil back into a container and seal it, you can re-use it for a few weeks, if you just leave it in the deep fryer (and don't cook any meats etc, just fries), it's good for a week or so as well. 1 thing of Peanut oil lasts about a month that way, and you could have fries as often as you want.

Then it's down to if you want to cut them yourself, or buy frozen fries, but honestly the crinkle cut frozen fries are seriously better than cutting your own. You can get a bag for about $3 and that will make enough fries for 3 meals (For one person). It's still about $1 a meal of fries (Same as Mc D's) but they taste way better, and you don't have to go out for them.

If you like fries more than once a week, I strongly suggest just getting a fry only deep fryer, since they are super cheap, you can have 2, one for fish/meats etc, and one for just potatoes (also works great for tater tots and especially onion rings). You can eaisly make your own onion rings at home, but the ones sold in the store are about 5$ a bag and make enough for 2 meals of VERY yummy rings (without all the work). Totally worth it.

Air fryer is good for many things, but even if you coat your fries with oil before putting em in the air fryer, they are not as good as deep fried. Air fryer ftw for rehating foods (chicken and especially pizza) and a buncha other stuff, but not fries.
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