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28. Slothrust Paralllel Timeline
Indie Rock, Indie Pop


1. Parallel Timeline
2. Once More for the Ocean
3. Cranium

I love the intro to Cranium with that weird vocal sample repeated a bunch of times. Thats a great way to start an album (at least it is for me!). The feel from this first song is dreamy, mysterious rock: floaty vocals, washed out guitars. Actually the entire second half of the song is guitars. Pretty neat! Once More for the Ocean is a solid rock number with those same strong guitars coming in near the end.

Can I just say I really like this singer? Leah Wellbaum has such a unique voice, low in pitch and high in authority. Apropros of nothng but some of these music videos are funny; they seem to just be Wellbaum dicking around in different settings (in the woods) or with various props (fruit). They seem to be serious attempts at artistic statements or something but they come across pretty goofy to me.

I dont have much to say about Parallel Timeline. Its good indie rock that kind of reminds me of 90s and 00s music. Some of the songs arent as ear-catching as others, particularly the slower ones (looking at you, King Arthurs Seatand A Giant Swallow), but the more uptempo numbers are solid. I bet these folks give a hell of a live show.

One of my favorite parts of this ranking has been when the last songs in an album completely surprise me with how much I like them. The last song in Parallel Timeline, also called Parallel Timeline, seems to be about recovery from addiction. I love the earnest storytelling of it, as well as the wordless but vocal last section. Its a wonderful cap to the album.
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