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Tarrun posted...
Ok, this thread is too sad. Lets get horny and weird.

Im in Tokyo right now and went to a gay sauna last night. In addition to the usual sauna dark room, theres an area with a bunch of bunk beds where the bottoms hang out. Except the gimmick, in extremely Japan fashion, is that they pretend to be asleep. Like, actual fake-snoring asleep. I met a few other first-timers and we all bonded in our bewilderment lol.

Im vers but cant really get into topping in dark room situations so I was bottoming. Lets just say I was a popular boy last night. :)

Thats ******* disgusting. Not something to brag about.

It isn't what you wear that makes you look good
It's how you wear it that makes it look good B)
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