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I just finished the Wind Temple. The boss of that temple, Molgera, is easily the best in the series so far. Everything from the music to the frantic atmosphere of the battle makes it an absolutely phenomenal boss, well above the quality of any previous boss I've seen yet.

Returning to the Forsaken Fortress to rescue Aryll was hugely satisfying. The battle against the Helmaroc King was great mostly due to the emotional charge behind it. I think this is the first boss in the series that Link is exacting revenge upon.

I have to back up on a comment I made earlier about how much of a buzzkill receiving the Wind Waker is. One of the sages later explains in a brief line why the King of Red Lions had it. It's still not the best introduction for the item, but they do address some of the issue I had with it.

I wasn't a big fan of either the Earth or Wind Temples. The central concept of commanding Medli or Makar around got old very fast. The Wind Temple gives a bit of relief from this when you get separated from Makar, but it's not enough to make a big difference.

This next part of the game, the Triforce chart quest, is brutal. I've been dreading this since well before I even started this game. This is one of the areas the Wii U version made huge improvements in cutting down the length of the section by about half. I'll try to keep track of how long this section takes me (I already have one Triforce chart that I found much earlier in the game), but I'm hoping my memory of how much of a drag this part is isn't actually accurate.

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