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Kradek posted...
You're giving an incredibly disingenuous take on why people "turned on him", though that's not unexpected from you.

Maybe. I just remember him being OK with everyone when he was the guy that had a countdown clock to when Bush Jr was out of office, would call Trump a "whiny little bitch" on a weekly basis, and would have Ann Coulter on for no reason other than to expose how much of a moron she is.

But the second he was "Some of these millennials really need to look in the mirror" people's opinion of him really changed.

I'm not defending him, AT ALL. I never really found him all that amusing, as most of his comedy is VERY low hanging fruit stuff. But his type of comedy (put up a mirror to the audience to see how ugly it can be sometimes) doesn't fly around here.
It takes zero effort to be a good person.
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