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I am going "both sides" because I do feel like that contributes heavily to the downfall of media literacy. It isn't that people have their own thoughts and have chosen a side, it's the sports-like supporter mentality that makes it unhealthy. Our side must win!! and we are, because <sources> say we are!! People don't think about the sources they reference and post, all they care about is they won! the source says so!

And yeah, either side in any COVID debate has sources. Masks work and you're wrong if you don't think so, masks do not work and you're wrong if you think they do. The downfall is, if side X wants to win the debate, all they have to do is find some stupid source from Y going "yeah bud, you're side won!" That doesn't mean they won, of course, but to them it's good enough.

I see debates happen all the time where people reference sources that say "we won! you're wrong" but no critical thought has occured at any point. We get to this point because people have picked sides, but not just that, they've picked sides and THEY HAVE TO WIN. So essentially it just becomes a free for all, everybody has sources, fuck it, we gotta win.

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