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legendarylemur posted...
Yeah though I do like MICA lol. I think their gameplay is a bit dated though. They're still kinda expecting ppl to spend their whole day on their games or something.

I guess GFL2 is gonna be make or break. I'm worried that they're gonna struggle to keep up with content, cuz any time any company goes for bigger graphics, they always suffer. Snowbreak started their event off with a frigging month cycle and added a single character, lost most of their players. It has similar graphics to GFL2

Yah, GFL is dated due to being a Kancolle clone and thus extremely friendly to players in terms of pocket. Definitely not on time.

As for GFL 2, all they need is just to add sex in the dorm and the game will sell.

They added this in PNC. They are fully capable of adding an implicit scene with the Dolls in GFL 2 dorm.

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